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      My name is Anand Zala, born and based in the SF Bay Area, California. I have 10+ years of self-taught and formal education in music production, mixing, and recording. As of late I've branched out  into sound design and post-production for  film, gaming and visual media. 

I work out of my home studio with a hybrid digital/analog setup. I'm up-to-date with most industry standard plugins and can work most major DAWs. (my weapons of choice being Pro Tools,  Reaper and FL Studio) 

Check out my list of 'favorites' to get an idea of my taste and the type of content that really inspires me. 

Of course, feel free to contact me for  additional info and/or work inquiries. 




 Blade Runner (both) 
 Dark Knight Trilogy 
 Dune (2021) 
 The Expanse 
 Black Mirror 
 anything Nolan 
 anything Tarantino 

 Video Games 
 God of War: Ragnarok 
 The Last of Us 1 & 2 
 GTA series 
 Elden Ring 
 Bioshock series 
 Ori and the Blind Fores
Little Nightmares 
 Super Mario 64 / Mario Kart /  Smash Bros 


 Hans Zimmer 
 AR Rahman 
 Bob Marley 

 Linkin Park 

 Massive Attack 
 Ludwig Goransson 
 Kid Cudi 
 Daft Punk 
 Pink Floyd 
 Tame Impala 

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