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Send Files for Mixing

  • Option A: If you're happy with your rough mix so far, then I can just pick up where you left off. In that case, send one set of stems “wet” with effects, compression, eq, etc. left ON (minus any mix bus limiting) and one set "dry" with NO effects/eq/compression. (If you have auto-tune or any other pitch plugins you like the sound of, you can leave them on the dry stems as well.)

  • Option B: If you have a really basic rough mix, and we're mixing the song(s) from scratch, you can just send the stems dry.

  • Make sure to label each track clearly so I know what I'm listening to.

  • Make sure you export from bar 1 all the way to the end of the song!

  • There are plenty of quick YouTube videos teaching how to export multi-tracks for each DAW. Search one up for yours!

Send Files for Mastering

Stereo Mastering

Please send your two-track mix as a 24 or 16 bit Wav file. Turn off all compression, EQ and limiting on the Master fader, unless you absolutely intend for it to be there. Regardless, make sure the mix is not clipping! Try to keep the overall level at -15 to -10 dBFS.


(Mp3 files are not acceptable for high quality mastering, and converting them in iTunes will not change this. Make sure to bounce/export directly from your DAW to achieve a true 24bit WAV file.)


Route each set of sounds (bass, drums, keys, strings, vocals, fx, etc.) to their own Aux track, and then export each stem separately as 24 or 16 bit Wav files. Please limit to under 10 stems if possible. Label clearly.

Stem Mastering


1. Export the required stems/multi-tracks for each song from your DAW as 24 bit/44.1kHz Wav or Aiff files.

2. Compress files into a zip folder and upload them to the cloud of your choice, and email the link to

3. Try to include notes for each song (detail is good), along with links to your rough mixes, and/or other songs you want me to reference. (mp3 or wav)

4. Email link to files, session notes, and reference mixes to

(If you used Pro Tools, you can send me the session files. [include all audio files] Be sure to convert midi or virtual instruments to audio before sending. Keep session organized. (hide inactive or unused tracks)

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